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"Giving a voice to the voiceless, by shedding light on places often seen as dark and holding those in power accountable." -MyAhna Alston

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Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio of work!

I created this portfolio to serve as a visual representation of my progress throughout my time as a senior in the MJFC 460-01 Broadcast Capstone NewsVision course!

As you venture throughout the website, you will see several multimedia projects that I have completed throughout my matriculation at Howard University's Cathy Hughes School of Communications, and throughout my internship experiences.

Not only does this course include work from my senior broadcast capstone course, which is known as HU NewsVision, but also professional development activities that I have completed in my practicum supervised internship course.

Throughout my portfolio, I intentionally included experiences that will help you will gain a visual sense of my passion for Broadcast Journalism as well as my versatile range of journalistic skills in print reporting and video editing as well.

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Email: myahna.alston@outlook.com

MyAhna Alston's Reporter Reel:

Check out my latest NewsVision story package!

Howard University alumna and esteemed book publishing marketing professional-turned author — Ebony LaDelle, takes a deeper dive into her Howard roots that inspired to work in book publishing and give other student authors similar opportunities.  LaDelle shared her story with me, and I put together this story as a HU NewsVision Reporter.

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