Packages & Multimedia

Feature Package

HU Alumna Feature Story Script

For this feature news story, I spoke with Ebony LaDelle, an Howard University Alumna and publishing marketing professional-turned author to gain a deeper understanding of how her Howard Roots inspired her to work in book publishing and give other student authors similar opportunities. 

Package on Issues Affecting the Local Community:

Free Minds Package Story Script

For this news story assignment, my partner and I were tasked with packaging a news story about a re-entry program in the DMV area that was led by returning citizens. Free Minds, is one local organization helping prisoners and returning citizens adjust to life through prison book clubs and poetry workshops.

In-Class News Package Assignment: Local HU Reacts to a National Issue

This is an in-class timed news package that I completed with a partner, about issues that millennials feel are most important to them ahead of the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

Snap Benefits Story Script

PKG on National Issue with a Local Angle: DC's Snap Benefits Saga Continues

For this project, I reported on changes in SNAP Benefits in DC in wake of Mayor Bowser's signing of the "Give SNAP a Raise Act". 

DC SNAP-enrolled households will receive a boost in monthly SNAP benefits in February. It’s the result of a legally-charged saga between Mayor Bowser's administration, local community leaders, and residents. Yet – local advocacy groups say there’s more to be done to ensure equitable food access for residents. 

As a NewsVision Reporter, I spoke with local anti-hunger organization leaders, legal representatives, and a former SNAP-recipient about the matter.

My Introduction Video

I created this video as my introduction to who I am as a journalist, my experience, and goals for the Broadcast NewsVision Capstone course.