Broadcast Capstone Assignments

Featured below are writing-based in-class and homework assignments that I have completed for my Senior Broadcast Journalism Capstone course. These assignments include individual and group reporter news package updates, news briefs, news package reviews, and story boards.

Final Newscast

For our final 30-minute NewsVision Newscast, I served as Associate Producer. I assisted with editorial decisions, building and stacking stories in the rundown, reviewing scripts, and meeting with tease editors and tapes producers, other crew prior to taping making sure everyone had what they needed. This included rundowns, hard drives, and more.


During our Capstone Class and using Rundown Creator, we produced 3-7 minute news briefs which included the latest on current local news, and packages completed by classmates on-campus stories.

March 28, 2024 4-minute News Brief

Above is a 4-minute news brief that I co-produced which features stories such as the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse, Trump's Civil Fraud Trial updates, Beyonce's Cowboy Carter album creating buzz and making history, and more.

3-minute News Brief

A 3-minute news brief that I produced. It featured stories on a new gun tax bill recently passed by Maryland legislators, prostate cancer's toll on the Black community, and the District's approach to curbing the opioid-overdose crisis.

Media Ethics Case Presentation: A Controversial Apology

This was a case that I presented to my classmates and while doing so, discussed the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and its application to the case.

NewsVision Group Promo Project

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